Harriet Henderson hangs it up…

old fem reporter
Credit: Kevin Hare/The Enquirer

This just in from the Battle Creek Enquirer (Michigan): a 91 year old radio/television reporter is hanging up her mike. Thanks to tvspyfor the heads up.

Harriet Henderson picked up her first job because she was a regular at city council meetings and a local television reporter asked her to cover for him while he was out of town…and she says,

“That did it. It just snowballed into all these stations.”

After doing the math, I figured Harriet must have been born in 1917 and didn’t begin reporting until she was in her 50’s. And she seems to fit the quintessential mould for a good reporter. An interest in government…and, as the Enquirer reports:

Tim Collins, WBCK operations manager and program director, said Henderson was an asset to the radio station.

“She had a good understanding of how those meetings went and she was very even-handed in her reporting,” he said. “I think (elected officials) all were straight shooters with Harriet probably because they trusted her and because they knew she knew what was going on.”

And here we are just “discovering” the citizen journalist…while Harriet has been plugging along (as I’m sure countless others still are) in her corner of the world, doing what has to be done – and doing it properly.


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