Dark moons & falling debris…

The buzz is on in Mrs. Green’s broadcasting class. Two events today/tonight have the class excited. The first – the eclipse of the moon tonight. Every kid with a camera (yours truely included) will be out hoping the skies are clear enough to get some spectacular video.

Event number two is more worrisome. The attempt by the US government to shoot down the spy satellite. For now that may be delayed due to weather in the Pacific where a missile is ready to be launched from a military ship. My students are fascinated by the possibilities…will the missile be able to hit the target when they meet 200 miles overhead and travelling at 20,000 plus miles per hour. What will happen when they meet – will there be an explosion that can be seen? What if the missile misses…where will it go and what will become of it? Will we be able to see the satellite when it falls?

Great questions…and I wasn’t able to supply answers to all of them. One student found a photo online of the satellite and we did a search and found more information on British and Australian newspaper sites than here in the states.

We live in interesting times, we do…


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