Sideshows & rollar coasters…

I was just talking with a friend here at my school, telling her that this is the most revolutionary time in news and reading since the invention of the printing press when it hit me – it IS. This is a watershed time in communications…with the news of the massive buyouts in the San Francisco/San Jose area; with revenues fallling and everyone desperately racing to claim their stake on the web…can you think of anything even remotely close? Andy Dickenson is right – this is the year that will make or break print media…with broadcast media following.

My high school kiddos are writing opinion statements this week. The more popular topics are abortion, school lockers (we don’t have them), school start time (they want it later), and sideshows…illegal street racing and performing. My guy groups are very much in favor of sideshows because they are exciting, despite the dangers. So I showed them part of The Perfect Storm…a movie based on real events with a violent rescue at sea. Now some of them are interested in joining the Coast Guard – they thrive on excitment. My point? I thrive on excitment too – I miss the daily deadlines…the near misses…the ecstacy of the perfect edit. I see a period which may never be rivaled in history and I want to be part of it…and am even thinking about moving from the sidelines this summer if I can find a paper to put up with me. Haven’t seriously shot stills in decades but I can outgun a lot of folks with video.

To those of you out in the front lines…keep fighting. As with any battle, if you stay in one spot your are a target, so keep moving. Somebody…some paper…some station…is going to find the magic formula that will move news profitably to the web.


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