Low-end gear: a rebuttal to Andy Dickenson

Oh my GOSH – I cannot believe I missed this. Andy Dickenson’s dry humor revealed once again in a couple of video cartoon shorts.
First: his video on Quality.


And next: his video on Quantity (or Point and Shoot).


After rolling around on the floor in tears, I realized that that a rebuttal is in order, so I offer this little clip in response.


8 thoughts on “Low-end gear: a rebuttal to Andy Dickenson

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  3. Hey Cyndy.

    Love it. Excellent response. I agree with your rebuttal. It’s all in the way you sell it. Glad the movie helped in class too. I enjoyed the quick, lo-fi nature of making it. Very organic. Who needs all that CGI 🙂

  4. The beauty of a project like this is that you can use PowerPoint or GarageBand – don’t even need a nonlinear program. (But ouch it hurt to hype my voice up like that…I’m normally an alto)

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