Reality check…

I’m sure we’ve all done this. Had a conversation with a non-newsie about the decline of newspaper and/or broadcast audiences. Our discussion partner expresses shock and dismay – they can’t imagine a world without newspapers. You ask them how they get their news and they say – oh, I use the Internet. Silent moment and realization that they are contributing to the paradigm shift.

Media are taking it in the shorts and every day there are layoffs or no-hires so a few more days can be bought through attrition. Some days there are actual deaths…papers going under. News programs “re-organized.”

The sad thing is that the audience is not really aware of what is happening until it happens to them…their program or paper disappears. Should we stand up and scream? Or should someone on the newspaper just start a column/blog and keep daily track of the decline so the public can see the clock ticking down…


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