Studio up and ready to run…

Moms get caught up in all kinds of stuff…so yesterday INSTEAD of working on the taxes, I spent time on campus as the official teacher in charge of the school’s Winter Guard (of which third daughter is a member). Part of that time was invaluable. Word is the campus may be wired soon – which means my kiddies may be able to do the daily bulletins during second period every morning.

I finally opened up the unused control room where all the cables and gadgets have been sitting unused for the past three years and cabled nearly everything back together. We can now switch from two cameras, a DVD player, and a mini-dv tape player and record directly to DVD or min-dv tape. Gotta take care of audio cabling next…which should be a snap.

Lesson planning is next (for those of you not in teaching, this is the foundation – kinda like reporter notes – which allows teachers to walk around the classroom spouting knowledge in an organized manner – think of it as an hour or longer live shot in a cage with wild animals). Have to introduce my two advanced students to the gear first so they can help me with the other 30+ vidiots. All this when we return from break in a week and a half.

Spring is in the air and there’s a lot going on here at the (not quite a) farm too…one batch of chicks rescued from a demented mama hen who took them for a stroll in the middle of a storm. A new fair goat. The demon mama hen from hell (she goes after your face if you get within ten feet) is broody on another batch of soon-to-be feral chicks (not if I get my way). Seedlings in my excuse of a greenhouse. Nettle up to the hips in the garden area…and plans to chop it down and begin planting next week.

And at sunset I plan to go out and shoot the sun in perfect alignment with the road. After all, it is the spring equinox.

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