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Blogging is a vast and intimate community. I’ve made friends in places I hadn’t heard of before entering this unreal world. And I’ve linked to people I admire and had my own blog linked to some pretty remarkable places….from high schools to universities to folks who seemed to find a useful tidbit in my ramblings and musings and…well, now to Broadcast Engineering. Now that was a mag I perused when still in the industry. I’m not saying I understood it all – it was about the deep end of the techo-scale. The folks who can rip apart a station and put it back together. But I’d skim through occasionally and pick off what I could.

So in return for the link – I’ve added them to my blogroll. Also cleaned out or fixed a few links that weren’t working, eliminated a few, and have posted who is on the blog and why.

2-pop is a virtual filmmaker community. They have a great forum where you can ask questions or just cruise and get answers. Plus gear for sale/wanted.

Adm & Alison are two vibrant still photogs and their blog features photos – they try to post every day. Ranges from thought-provoking to personal to news in Northern California.

I added Newsvideographer the day Angela Grant set it up – one of the most worthwhile VJ sites on the web.

B&H Photo is a no-brainer. Mecca.

B-roll is a TV photographer site with forums, jobs, gear and a great place to listen to the pulse of broadcast shooters.

Bringing the Fun Back by klncreations – a woman I admire immensely, she spent 25 years on the streets shooting broadcast news. We’ve partnered a few times. Her site is very uplifting.

British Videojournalism by Andy Dickinson – What’s going on overseas…in Europe? Andy keeps an eye on it all and has a complete overview on editing systems he wrote a while back. Love his low-key humor.

Clifford Oto – local photog for the Stockton Record who blogs about his daily work.

Daniel Sato – a student PJ/VJ who is fresh to the world with an eager mind. A younger newsies views.

Digital Juice – resource for all things quirkly – offbeat stuff and video editing tricks. Some inspiring and funny demos.

Eclectic overview of the media – Howard Owens – ya love him or hate him. Proponent of the low-end/lotsa video argument and also on top of very nearly everything related to newpaper changes.

International Videoreporter Ruud Elmendorp – a Dutch VJ who works freelance primarily out of Africa. I’m loyal to him because he made the very first comment on my blog AND his storytelling rocks.

Mindy McAdams – Queen of Flash and online journalsim.

Multimedia Shooter by Richard Hernandez – THE site for still photogs trying to keep up with changes in the industry.

National Oceangraphic and Atmospheric Administration – Keep an eye on weather in real time by radar anywhere in the US.

Photojournalism – Mark Hancock showcases his work and explains.

photokaboom – a photography teacher and reviewer.

Poynter Institute – Just because.

Radio Television News Directors’ Foundation – Some good educational resources for teachers and students.

San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers Association – been a member since 1978

Student Television Network – brings middle and high school students together once a year at a conference and supports sound teaching of video, journalism, broadcasting

teachj – for J Teachers – my favorite journalism teacher blog

think-news – shameless self-promotion. The carrot on the stick that keeps me going I want a reflective news site with meaningful stories…but am so caught up in work and life I can’t contribute as often as I’d like to.

think-training – shameless self-promotion again. This one may go down in flames…I had high hopes of doing VJ training but the reality is that attitudes, economics, and changes have made it difficult.

University of Georgia Photojournalism – perspectives of a college professor

US Geological Service Earthquake – see earthquake information very nearly as they happen. Location and size. Whoops – there’s one right now!

Viewfinder Blues by Lenslinger – daily reality check by Stewart Pittman/everycameraman with a mouth and attitude to match. – my blog supporter


6 thoughts on “Blogs and links…

  1. Thanks, Cyndy. I like your list very much, and there are quite a few sites here that are unfamiliar to me.

    (B&H, of course, is the first stop for all video and audio gear shopping.)

  2. The USGS and NOAA sites are great for up to the minute on weather and quakes. You can also use to see 10 day or hourly weather reports for your zip code.
    Some are just personal favorites or friends.

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