Spring daze…

Kathy Newell emailed me asking what was wrong – why haven’t I been posting lately. Blame it on spring doldrums. No energy. A bit more time in the garden would help…except school is taking all my time. And i have a great post today – but not here. Promised Angela Grant I’d write some stuff for her and when I saw some new flash drive camcorders I spun out a short review. Should pop up in the next few days.

There’s another one on tripods that should be done soon.

TGIF tomorrow. Should be the start of a warm mellow weekend, but I’m off to LA to do a couple of workshops. Also had an invite to attend the Rhythm Emphasis Jam on Friday night at school – almost cancelled the trip but thought better of it. They’re MY breakers and I really wanted to see them compete. (If you have the night free and are in the Stockton area – drop by McNair High School starting at 5pm. Door price is $5)

Enjoy the weekend and I’ll see ya if you’re at the JEA confab in Anaheim!

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