Ya can’t keep a good shooter down…

I felt a sense of hope and serenity when I used my own link from my blogroll to find Richard Koci Hernandez again. Left the link up as a sign of respect for the blog that was everything good about still photogs moving into video and multimedia – and for the photog who got me started on blogging.

This is not an earth-shaking blog in the sense that it will lead us all to Mecca. No, it is more a look into Richard’s soul. youarenotyourego…kind of says it. The first post I read – the man in the hat – is more a look into what drives all who visualize…all who create.

There’s a saying I once heard from a plein aire artist: “I can’t not paint.” I think that applies to all photo-video-mulitmedia-journalists. We can’t not see and we can’t not document. There is something in us that forces us to look below layers and try to see truth. To find the meaning of the universe in a glance, a movement, a moment. A compulsion to document this slice of time to show to others…not for recognition but so that they can see and understand our vision. Or not.

I don’t remember stories I’ve done so much as moments of time burned into my retina. A burned firefighter breaking down as his burned hands press against a hospital window as an engine bearing the body of his fallen partner passes by. A look of innocence as a small child turns in wonder while riding a cable car. The blurred shapes of firefighters dropping their gear and running for their lives as a fireball roars down a mountain. A moment of silence which is broken by the call of a red-winged blackbird. A wail…a honest-to-God Biblical wail..from a father whose daughter is missing/much later discovered dead.

We should all watch Richard as he gropes along through this thing we call life…and watch for his moments of truth. And mourn with him for moments lost.


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