Mrs. G’s Summer Plans (for my students only)….

Mrs. G

If you found this blog, you obviously followed instructions on the handout you got last week. I will be mailing out more information about planned trips and events for the summer. If you want to be included, YOU MUST RESPOND. Seating is limited in the van (six students per trip)…if there is enough interest and you have a parent who can drive we may be able to take more.

I also welcome ideas for events and places to visit – the main requirement is that we can discuss the event/location beforehand, brainstorm story ideas, and plan the trip around the story ideas.

These are not shopping or lookie-loo trips. Each trip will involve discussion either beforehand or while on the road, plus a little paperwork showing planning, and a post-mortum discussion and paperwork about what you learned and what went right/wrong. You will most likely work in teams to shoot, write and edit. You WILL talk to strangers (yeah, I know your folks have always told you not to – but journalists do this every day) – and I will always be nearby keeping an eye out for you.

I guarantee you will have fun and you won’t know you’re learning (most of the time).

Just a heads-up: email me immediately if you are interested in the Relay for Life this coming weekend. We’ll be out about an hour before sunset to get interviews and the best possible light as the sun sets with walkers and candelabras (small candles in paper bags lit in memory of those who died from cancer).

Look forward to seeing you!
Mrs. G aka Cyndy Green

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