Relay for life…

Added June 13, 2009
I seem to be getting tons of hits for this posting…and while I appreciate the company, FYI this blog is about videojournalism. Please don’t leave disappointed – if you want to see the 2008 Stockton (CA) Relay For Life, go here for the actual video of the event. Enjoy.

(Original posting June 7, 2008)
Regular readers – stand by for a few lines. The next two paragraphs are for my students.

Hey kids…I know you got your letters, cause I got some calls. Apparently most of you got the them yesterday and one student indicated she wanted to go on the Relay for Life story. Please remember it is CRITICAL that you tell your parents when you call me and say you want to go on a field trip. I got one very surprised mom who was interested to learn her child was going somewhere tonight. After our little chat, apparently you are staying home. Communicate with the folks.

By the way, the Yosemite trip is nearly full. Vanessa and Ivan are definites. Enrique and Tina probables, as is Matt. So one seat for sure left…and if the others don’t confirm soon, more seats available.

OK … on with the posting.

cancer logo

In about 45 minutes I’m heading out to the Relay for Life event in Stockton. I’ll post some stills late tonight when I get back…but the plan is to shoot right around sunset to get the best light and also the candles which are lit for those who died of cancer.

Former co-worker Lisa Sota is there with her team. Her mom and aunt are twins. Mom survived cancer and aunt succumbed a number of years ago to the disease.

My plan – shoot for a few hours tonight. Slowly…so I can feel what the story is about. Will it be silent? Folks walking together, but alone in their thoughts? Or chatty groups, walking with a cause in mind? This is the kind of thinking you need to do as you approach a story. Don’t determine what it’s about beforehand…but go over possibilities and be prepared for anything.

I know the area…so I’ll get a good wide shot. I can see how the candles (in paper bags) will look in my mind. The rest is wide open. Stay tuned and see how this worked out.

Expect an update sometime after 10pm. And if you’re reading this and need a jolt – a reason to get out and try out your gear or refresh your spiritual soul…this is a great story and it is happening in many cities tonight. If you shoot, let me know and I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

relay for life sign

Took longer than I thought…and the my final angle is not what I anticipated. The photo above gives you a hint…and it is more than the four letters.

More tomorrow…


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