Putting Yosemite together…

I’m on what for me lately is a speed edit. Yesterday I shot a story for the Lodi News Sentinel – part of my desire to keep my skills current in videojournalism.

Today (thank goodness they don’t have those horrible 4 to 6 time daily deadlines broadcasting has) I am logging and writing and editing. I’ve found I may need more data to make the story flow, so in addition to my Yosemite ranger and visitor interviews from yesterday, I have a call in with CSAA/California Automobile Association and an email to Scott Gediman/Yosemite PIO for a bit more information.

I’ve listened to the interviews – Scott, a Japanese tourist, a Danish tourist, and a father from Monterey Park near LA. There are some good nats segments I know I’ll use. Now I have to block it out so it flows and entertains and informs.

As usual, this is a work in progress, so I’ll update the blog as I work on the story. My deadline – 4pm today. Video is in the computer and notebook and pen at hand. Here goes.

5pm. Hmmmm. I’m home from a run into Lodi to show my partially edited story to City Editor Andrew Adams. Remember…I’m learning some new stuff here. As I edited I realized I was doing a regional…even a national…story. There was no local angle. I tried to bring that in with a look at gas prices and how much it would cost for a day trip to Yosemite, but that wasn’t enough. Adams agreed and mentioned that the staff had many discussions about how to localize news. He did say he’d seen folks packing for trips when he drove into the office.

So my lesson for today. Hyper-local (thanks Howard Owens for that term). I needed to start with a local family either getting ready to go to Yosemite or one already up there. No good for this story…I want it out for the weekend if possible.

Adams suggested I stick with the scenics of Yosemite (you can’t shoot bad video up there) and some of the interview with Gediman, include the family camping (not from our area) and possibly end with a news twist – gas prices, the overseas visitors, and the Japanese film crew.

Addendum: Due to the huge markets required to sustain broadcast news departments, stories tend to be regional…they must be significant to viewers over a large area. When I went into this story, I approached it as usual, trying to find a more local angle, but not really succeeding. This became more evident as I went deeper into the edit. Scott tried to help by focussing one of his answers on the San Joaquin Valley…too big again.
As journalists move from market to market, level to level, or even do cross-overs between media, they need to understand who their audience is. I knew…but did not begin my set-up early enough to find a subject locally to base the story on.


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