Snowflake the albino squirrel, continued…

Blasted albino animal. I hauled my sorry old carcass out of bed at 7am (after yesterday’s trip it was painful) and was set up by 7:30 in my quest for the great white squirrel of Lodi. The burning question: is it really a true albino squirrel or just a wanna be light squirrel?

So here I am, newspaper in hand, two cameras set up ready to roll, checking out the field and seeing nothing but brown ground squirrels, when in my rearview mirror I see a Lodi cop car pulling in on my tail. Yeah. I’m so busted.

I get out to greet the two officers, who apparently are just doing their job checking on a solitary van parked in an out-of-the way spot. When I explain my reason for being in that location, their faces go stiff for a second (what kind of wacko is this old lady?) and then soften when I point out the ground squirrel hole I’m staking out. I hand over my ID as they point out the many squirrels running around. I point out they are all brown.

We part on a friendly note…they now know I’ll be out there looking over the next few weeks until I get a shot of the creature. But by now it’s getting late and all the good little critters are heading down under to sleep out the hot day, re-emerging this evening.

Note to myself: daybreak is better than 7 or 7:30am.

Reflection: how come I got wonderful shots in Yosemite yesterday of squirrels who came right up and nearly kissed the lens and this elusive furball treats me like a pariah?


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