Back in the blog-o-sphere mix…

My love affair with blogging seems to be an off-again, on-again situation. No matter…I’m baaaaccckkk!

Been hopping around and reading some of my old on-line faceless friends. Howard Owens is back and now requires registration to comment. Guess that simplifies screening incoming comments…but it’s another hurdle to access. If it weren’t for the fact I like reading his posts I wouldn’t have bothered (not to mention some of the steamy arguments generated by his views).

Lenslinger is back too. From vacation. He is my link to my past love affair with TV shooting.

Kathleen Newell has one of her still gems posted on light and leaves. I wish I had her eye.

The only blog I’ve been visiting regularly is newsvideographer. Hey – maybe that’s the problem. Is my creative energy being drained to THAT site because I’m a contributor? Nah. (Don’t worry Angela…I’ve come to peace with how to divide our worlds…and I love being part of your world. But it is possible to become kinda schitzo with two blogs.)

Now I need to get further out of the rut I’ve been snoozing in, so feed me some exciting new links. I’m hungry for fresh fodder.

FYI: Yeah, the header changed. I’m going to be trying some new visuals out over the next few weeks.


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