Yosemite is done…

The video for the Lodi News Sentinel is done and I’m waiting to upload and email in. Recommendation: steer clear of ClearWire. When I get back from my mini-vacation, I plan to have a very pointed talk with them about how frequently their network dumps and how difficult it is to find. Problem is I’m in the country and don’t have a lot of choices.

Added on July 18: Well, I had the conversation with ClearWire – and they called ME. Interesting. It seems they cruise the Internet looking for comments about their service and then track you down and try to make good. After an hour of talking with a very nice tech and following his instructions and going all over the house looking for a good location to put the module, he found the problem. We’re situated right in between two towers. When I log on, the ClearWire module locks onto the strongest signal…but if the other tower suddenly gets stronger, the module dumps out on the first signal and then locks onto the second signal. That explains the random loss of signal. So here I sit waiting for a visit from a real live person who will hopefully set me up properly.
I did wander around for a couple of hours the past few days and may have found our sweet spot – but I think I’d better let the expert tell me if this is is.
OK, ClearWire…you are back on my “A” list.

Back to the video…I made the changes suggested by Andrew Adams plus added a slide at the end ot personalize it more for locals.

Next: get to work on fireworks video/email in. Glad I’m not on the payroll…although maybe all these tech problems wouldn’t survive long in the real world.

Monday morning at 8:50am…and I’m sitting on the patio of our hotel at Catalina Island. I’ll give the LNS a day to post the videos and then I’ll either link or put up on this site.


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