Heads up – we have a ton of work ahead of us!

Heads up kids – the 48 Hour Film Project is next weekend!. We will be working in teams from 7pm Friday night through 7pm Sunday to script, shoot, and edit a movie. Hope you’re keeping an eye on this.

The first meeting is tomorrow at the little park at the end of the street from the school. Be there at 4, preferably with a parent. I have model releases and waivers to be completed and signed.

Later in the week we’ll meet at the school to view past entries in the contest and get an idea about what we should be doing.

If I don’t hear from you by Wednesday…well, how ’bout you just get in touch BY then. You can reach me at cyndyg@mac.com.

Go Eagles!

3 thoughts on “Heads up – we have a ton of work ahead of us!

  1. I’ll be looking for more information about this as it happens. Sounds like a really cool thing to do. You and the kids deserve a pat on the back just for attempting the project.

  2. Google 48 Hour Film Project…and it’s not too late to join a team (hint hint). My original number of volunteers has fallen from thirty to twenty to about ten. Which is good – the one who come are committed.
    Next year I hope to partner up with kids from the Drama and Music departments.

  3. I will be in San Francisco during that time, far from children, but I am going to make a note and look into it. Thanks for the heads up.

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