Cleaning out the closet of strange ideas…

Sissy the Space Cat

Sissy the Space Cat

From photokaboom, a camera that you can clip to your pet’s collar. You can set it to shoot at intervals and see what Fido and Fluffy have really been up to while you were at work.

Hmmmm….wonder if it will work with Robby the Rooster?

How do you secure your extension and other electrical cords? I use those little elastic bands with hard plastic balls that I used to tie my girls’ hair up when they were little.

Another favorite for organization is freezer ziplock bags. (Don’t use sandwich bags – they are too flimsey.) Quart size hold cords and mikes. Larger sizes you can put a whole mini-camera kit into. Plus they make good emergency rain jackets (just make sure you use the clear ones/not the blue ones).

White balance on a cloud? Hey – white balance is like Switzerland. If it’s neutral, you can white balance on it. Asphalt, tennis shoes…just don’t do teeth. Ya never know.

And finally, this almost-a-posting from last spring: After a dry spell in postings, the garden is in…finals getting graded…and the gnomes are springing up all over the property. Take a look above to see how farm critters response to a rootin tootin garden gnome. (…yeah, it’s spring and I’m feeling silly…)

There…all my little notes to myself are out of the draft drawer and posted for all to see.

July 18 – Sometimes I type so fast I forget that visuals would help. Just added a few extra. Enjoy.


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