48 Hour Film Project/take one…

I know…I’m a journalist. But I think everyone who’s held a camera at one point or another has wondered if they could shoot a movie…yeah, right. (Just as every reporter has a book inside them.)

So tomorrow the great experiment begins. I’ll be blogging along as my students and I work together to create a movie for the 48 Hour Film Project. We will be gathered together in San Francisco tomorrow night to draw our genre, get our line of dialogue, prop, and character(s). Then it’s back on the road for the two hour drive home, with students brainstorming and writing the script. Hopefully that will be completed tomorrow night.

We’ll be shooting Saturday and Sunday…and editing furiously at the same time. I have a small crew of about six students from broadcasting plus a tight-knit group of break dancers and other students who made the mistake of talking to me at the wrong time.

Stay tuned…and remember, we are not out to win…we are out to be winners.

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