48 Hours Kickoff…

Last night was the night. I moseyed down to San Francisco with a load of students, followed by Becky, one of my mothers in tow in her supercharged pickup. We had time for a quick snack (dim sum) and then we were off to find Fat City.

Now I’ve lived and worked the streets of San Francisco and my old station wasn’t located too far away from where we were heading. But there are massive changes in every city’s face as years pass. The feel was the same, the names new.

Fat City was everything you would expect: plain, undistinguished storefront…dark and moody with tiny spotlights inside and a stage. Lots of bodies milling around. Anyone under 21 had both their hands “X’d” just in case they tried to get past the guard on the stairs up to the bar upstairs. Great preventative measure.

The noise level was high and excited…we finally figured out they were already drawing genres up on the stage for Group A. We were Group D, so kicked back and relaxed. Finally it was our time – Adam Nino/former Middle College High School student of mine – went on stage to do our drawing. He ended up at the end of the line – so, as it turned out, we would be stuck with the last piece of paper in the hat.

He drew and whispered in the MC’s ear…and she announced: Thriller/Spy!

A collective sense of relief. We’d been dreading several genres – felt we didn’t have the depth in actors to pull of Romance or Drama.

Then they announced the elements:
Character: Gus or Gloria Lorenzo/trade expert
Prop: bus, airplane, or train ticket
Line: Forget it. I already have.

We bunched together back at Becky’s hotel room and pushed ideas back and forth for at least an hour and came up with a rough, yet simple, plot with a killer ending.

No…I won’t tell you. Yet.
Wait til it hits the theaters (our movie will go on the big screen in San Francisco’s 48 Hour Festival on July 28).

So the next two days will be fun-filled with 8-10 hours of shooting, editing, collaborating. We called our key actors last night on the way home – Rhythm Emphasis/the McNair break dancing club – to let them know to be on campus at around 2pm Saturday.

And congrats to them – they made the semis in a competition in Fremont yesterday!

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