Three daughters…

One of the tricks for a successful blog is to keep it focused and not turn it into a personal diary. Today I break that rule. Ron and I have three daughters (gotcha beat by one Lens) – two who are out the door and in charge of their own lives; one is at home, but looking out the door as she enters her junior year in high school.

Carol/#1 – Aggressively intelligent. Limitless potential (well, we all like to think that about our kids).

Alexis/#3 – The most athletic of the three. Compassionate (too much so, considering the five feral kittens I have to find homes for), inquisitive, and social.

Pearl/#2 – Graduates (fingers crossed) from Navy boot camp this Friday, which is why we are in Waukegan, IL. this week.

Don’t expect much for this week (sorry Angela) or next week, when school begins. This week is for fun and next week is for work.

Oh – and GO NAVY!

July 27 – She graduated, along with 700 plus other recruits. They were glowing, dressed in brilliant white, full of pride in themselves and their country. They made it through boot camp and they will go on to protect our Constitution and freedoms. Pearl has learned more about teamwork and trust in these past two months than I could ever have imagined she would. She was pushed to her limits and pushed herself to a point where she almost thought failure was possible…but managed to push enough to put it behind her. I know most of you in news are used to pushing too – I, along with others, have pushed myself physically, psychologically to points where neither my body nor my mind could take much more….all because of a passion for news and communicating the truth to my audience. The young men and women who enter our services learn to push themselves too – to meet their own expectations for themselves. Maybe that’s what is missing in many of our youth. Passion to go until you drop…and keep going…


3 thoughts on “Three daughters…

  1. As an Army brat, I think it is great that she went to Navy boot. I praise her for her service and pray for her safety in our dangerous world.

    When do you start school? We don’t go back until Aug. 25. (teacher go back about 2 weeks earlier)

  2. Her dad was Navy and is currently the county Veterans Service Officer. Small chance of her going into any other branch of the service.

    School begins this Monday, July 28. Teacher workday is this Friday – her graduation day. Of course she timed this so that I very nearly missed finals at the end of school in the spring and cut it really close to the first day of school.

    We were allowed in during last week and this week…but my classroom is the studio and there were construction crews in there until this past Friday. The light grid is in, as is the sky cyclorama (think floor to ceiling (about 15-20 feet) curtains that cover two of the walls when pulled out. I got me a giant green screen!!!!

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