Finally it’s happening…I’m settling into a routine at school and home and life is beginning to be good again.

Not totally – the two English Support classes for second language learners are a bit rough. I’m going to workshops to learn how to teach them effective writing, so we’re muddling through this together.

Today all but a handful of these students were in for CELDT testing…to check their English skills. So the three I had in first period and the two in second period got some personal instruction in – of course – video production. One even liked it enough to stay through his lunch period (he’s a keeper).

Broadcasting has settled into a somewhat chaotic routine. The students are done with Basic Shots, Animations (I have GOT to get permission to post some of these – they are amazing), and are working on their Research PowerPoints and Autobiographies.

The new routine, begun last spring, is that after the basics, they must bring me assignments. I do, of course, offer up general work – be the video producer for football, wrestling, etc. But I want them to think and look around and write proposals. I’ve heard talk about a music video here and a movie short there. Some students are checking out the contests I post up in the front of the room.

All the while they will be learning some basics of news writing, shooting, editing…but the bulk of their grade after this will be generated by them. After all…isn’t this the way it is in the real world?

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