Dammit we need a name…

We can’t keep calling this “the high school textbook on videojournalism.” One – it has no personality. Two, it’s way to much to type. Here are a couple of thoughts.

The Basics of Videojournalism (Larry Nance)

Videojournalism: Thinking Visually (hmmm…sounds like a website I saw once)

VJ (only the initiated will buy this…and a lot of folks interested in Victory over Japan/VJ Day)

And YOUR suggestion is?


8 thoughts on “Dammit we need a name…

  1. Now some of you may be wondering – what is going on with Green? Three posts in a couple of hours? Is it too much coffee?

    No – it is the bathroom. We had our front bathroom ripped out (thanks to termites) and rebuilt this past summer. Everything done beautifully – except we ran out of steam and cash to get it painted.

    Enter Fall Break. One teacher supposedly sitting at home with nothing to do. At least that is the perception most have of teachers. They get paid a lot to sit in a classroom and get lots of time off.

    So Wednesday I did the primer coat and today I have to go out and choose colors and finish the job.

    Nothing like work to put you into avoidance.

  2. I like plain old “Thinking Visually – the basics of video journalism”

    Or something pithy? — “Making what you see – what you get” — or — “Making what you see into a story worth watching” But that is back to the ‘too long’ problem.

  3. Or “Everything visual from cavemen to the Renaissance to a few years back when everything went to hell in a handbasket and no one wants to pay for news so you gotta do it all with a camcorder by yourself.”

    My biggest fear is a name that is longer than the book. 🙂

  4. Peg…your first suggestion may be it. Very simple, short, and says what it is.

    For the rest of you, I have the paint!
    An off white/kinda grayish for most of the room and about an 18% for the wall right behind the toilet – to set it off as the “throne.”
    Yeah…I know the truth behind 18% gray. After all, at one point in my life I used and abused a light meter daily.

    (Would you believe the former Green residence in SF was painted 18% gray? Believe it.)

    Now if I could just tear myself away from the computer and get to work…

  5. “Sis” beat me to it, but I would urge you to separate the words — so search engines can find it!!!

    Video Journalism Basics

    And a nice subtitle:

    Shooting, editing and storytelling for beginners

    (I’ll send you my consulting bill later, ha ha!)

  6. And now for the real argument: is it “videojournalism” or “video journalism?” Is it “photojournalist” or “photo journalist?” Tomayto or tomahto?
    (Let’s call the whole thing off.)

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