Yeah, let’s include THIS…

Bob Helmes was my first chief photog – 1974, KXTV in Sacramento (aka Sacra-tomato), California. He gave me (more than) a word of advice: “It doesn’t matter how pretty it is or how much time you spend on it if it doesn’t make air.”

Deadlines. They can kill ya. I recall missing two in 28 years. One I can be excused for – stuck in bumper to bumper traffic trying to get back from the high Sierra. Took us two hours to move a couple of miles in a snowstorm (the us was me and a VERY pregnant Rita Holman). Second time I was just plain stupid. Estimated drive time from the Stockton bureau to the live location in Modesto and didn’t check to see if there was any road construction on the way. There was. We could see the light on the live truck as the clock hit ten and we were three or four blocks from making it.

So I gotta include something about deadlines in the book. What brought this home is the fact a few of my students DID NOT LISTEN over the past few months when I said I do not accept completed assignments as iMovie files. All files must be “shared” or converted to full quality QuickTime files. So on the last day of school as I was downloading and grading, I left at least two files in computers and gave the offenders a “Z” for zero on the assignment. They didn’t take the final step.

Ouch for them – but a good reality check too. Do the work AND get it in properly. It don’t count if you didn’t make air.


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