A short (cell phone) rant…

Don’t ya love it when companies decide they know what’s best for you?

I bring this up cause after six months of sitting in a box, I decided my middle daughter’s cell phone should be service-less. So I went online to take it off the plan. And wouldn’t ya know it – that is NOT an option offered by our full-service wireless company, which shall remain nameless. I’ll just call them “V.”

I just called “V” and and asked to remove the phone from service…turns out I can’t do that until the contract expires in February. Did have the text messaging and insurance removed, thus saving over seven bucks a month. Will pull the phone from service asap on the expiration date.

But when questioned, the “V” rep said that they do not offer online cancellation because people often don’t know what they want…they may have bad information about what the phone company offers, so they have to disconnect via phone with a company rep.


People don’t know what they want? As in – I have a phone sitting around we don’t use (she did admit that I had a case to cancel on that one…but tried to talk me into keeping it handy just in case).

So this particular company and probably others make it easy to add features and lines but not to cancel – they want one last chance to strong-arm customers into staying with them. Now I do like most of what my company offers, but I’d recommend they re-think their policy on this one. A happy customer has complete freedom of choice. If I have to hop through extra hoops, by the time I reach a customer rep I will be so thoroughly pissed I may just cancel the entire service just on principle.

Do you hear that “V”erizon?


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