How far back does YOUR lens reach?

Calling all old-timers! My plan was to write a chapter on the history of TV news photogs for my Basics of Videojournalism high school textbook, but hey – I can’t find much in the way of resources, so I’m going to have to do some original research. Now I spend years at the knees of those much older and wiser than myself, listening with big ears and eyes to their war stories (some of which weren’t true). But I never thought to ask them how they got started or what happened along the road.

So if you’re an old timer – that means OLDER THAN ME (age 58) – please please give me a shout. I put out a similar appeal on Lenslinger’s blog and have a few solid leads, but I want more.

If you shot 16mm reversal; if you shot optical sound with black and white; if you shot black and white without sound; if you shot newsreels (oh please let there be a few left); if you sat in your mammoth skin painting hunting scenes onto cave walls…email me at once.

I want to tell YOUR story and the story of our ilk. Who knows…this may go beyond a simple chapter in a book for acne-ridden teens with dreams. This could become a book unto itself.

And if you’re younger than dirt (58 years old) but know someone who might fit the bill, rat them out. Send me their names and contact info (or ask them to get in touch).

How to find me:
Email is
You can also respond by making comments to this post.

And thanks in advance.

Addendum: Yes, I know about ROLL!! by Rich Underwood and have read this excellent tome. However, one source is not enough…I need a variety of histories and opinions.


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