Come on…this is dragging…

An editorial in the Modesto Bee reveals more on the continuing saga of a struggle to ban the book “Bless Me, Ultima” from required reading at a high school in Newman, California.

Come on guys…play by the rules. I can understand community standards and allowing parental input. But it appears that the administrators and board in the district are ignoring their own protocol.

While I thoroughly disagree with books banning, it shouldn’t be this difficult. By the way, the main reason this came to my attention was not complaints about the banning – but about how the process was ignored.

Oh – and does this same parent (singular) who wants to act as a censor for every other child in the district carefully monitor all TV shows, video games, movies, songs, and every friend her child makes? Because there’s a whole lotta stuff out there that is far worse than “Bless Me, Ultima.” And without the life lessons that child could learn from this book.

On a happier note, “Bless Me” is one hot book at the school, where more students are checking it out (due to the contraversy) than ever.

Check out this cartoon from Baby Blues, which might help you make the connection with how censorship can motivate people to seek the truth.

(copyright Baby Blues 1/8/09)


3 thoughts on “Come on…this is dragging…

  1. To update on the mediocrity that is the NCLUSD board…shameful is the only word to describe their actions. The Superintendent has been caught in lie after lie, the board berated citizens who stood up to speak at Saturday’s ‘workshop’ and apparently, according to one board member, “good Christian people don’t swear or allow this type of literature in their homes”. Nice. Did i mention the ACLU was sitting in the front row? Better to let people think you a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. No doubt about this one, stupid is as stupid does. Feb 2 is the “vote”. The superintendent dictates and the board goose-steps in time. Get the matches the fires of intolerance will burn brightly in Newman!

  2. I would like to point out that not everyone is a Christian, let alone a good Christian. Plus I know plenty of people I consider good Christians who do swear and others who read freely from world literature, secure in their sense of self and unafraid to see how others think.

    Remember the power of video – take a camera to the next meeting and record and post it – if need be, on youtube. In addition to making the meeting transparent, it will also serve to educate those who were unable to attend or folks in other areas who may want unfiltered news.

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