Dammit I just can’t wait for the video…

Just got the perfect interview for the book!!!

Fred Pardini, former chief photog for KGO in San Francisco, is retired now and nearing 80. Words out of the past best describe him: dapper, genteel.

I spent two hours picking his brain on camera and have a wealth of information on his career and move from still photographer to TV news. Wow. He’s shot more presidents that I (we think nine or ten) and his career spanned everything from Speed Graflexes to 35mm to B/W single system sound cameras to Betacam. I used to watch him in awe when I was a newbie. Where I schlepped and sweated, he was cool and calm. The weight of the gear never seem to bother him. He was “The Man with The Cam.”

Had to let you know he is on tape and I will begin working on uploading/editing and perhaps posting a snippet or two.

His only request was a copy of the tape – which I hope to have to him in DVD format by the weekend.

As they used to say – stay tuned.
(Yeah, I’m feeling giddy…and I may be able to get Les Thomsen too/former newsreel cameraman who is amazingly still alive and willing to talk. All we need to do is agree on a date and time.)

One thought on “Dammit I just can’t wait for the video…

  1. 11.15.2010
    Sadly I never got to interview Les…the arrangement was I’d get a call if he felt up to it, but that never came…his good days became fewer and fewer. RIP ole guy…

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