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Nothing like being lazy. Yesterday I sent Angela Grant a response to one of her reader’s questions and she posted it, thus saving me some time and effort.

The focus: how to hook a prosumer camera into a “mult” box for a feed.

Explanation for non-newies and wanna-be newsies.
Prosumer (or consumer) cameras do not come with the high quality shielded cables and connectors of professional gear. They come with mini-jack audio and RCA audio/video inputs/outputs.
Mult box – basically a box or even suitcase that can take a single feed in from a camera and microphone which has multiple audio and video outputs. These are almost always professional connectors – so BNC video and XLR audio. The audio can be either line or mike level.
Feed – what is sounds like. Think piranhas in a feeding frenzy. Ya have a big story and only one camera is allowed inside…so they feed their signal out to the mult box and everyone else hooks in and records what the single camera is sending. I’ve seen mult boxes daisy-chained together so that up to thirty or forty media organizations can take a feed.

So take a meander over to Angela’s site today…and stick around for future posts. The lady has a good thing going.

2 thoughts on “Go to newsvideographer.com…

  1. Thank goodness for Radio Shack, and Markertek.com. On your last photo that little barel thingy (my term) is called a Hi-Z to lo-Z or Lo-Z to Hi-Z audio transformer. It allows you to change the impedance of the audio signal to either line input or mic input going into your camera. You may also want to use a shielded audio cable, which will prevent interference from other sources causing audio hum.
    The fuzzy video image problem is probably a result of the video signal not being terminated at the end of the signal path with a 75 ohm resistor.
    A video termination is typically a male BNC connector which contains a 75 ohm resistive load. When there are looping inputs, any unused looping input must be terminated in 75 ohms to ensure proper signal levels and to minimize reflections.
    Hope this helps.

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