Take this job and….

…vote for Marcella. She’s one of the fifty finalists in the wild-card voting for the Australian caretaker job on the Great Barrier Reef. I looked over a few, but her video is both informative and hilarious.

Here’s her entry.

If you want to see some fine, funny examples of sales pitches, hop on over the the islandreefjob website. With more than 34,000 entries, these were deemed the best based on ability to sell themselves, be humorous and informative.


3 thoughts on “Take this job and….

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  2. Actually, I think the 50 were chosen based most on how well they are able to sell the Great Barrier Reef. All 50 shortlisted appear to be under 35 and childless/partnerless. Admittedly, hard to tell how old she is.

  3. Art…
    You’re right about that and it is understandable. They’re looking at the demographics they want to attract and unless the person is absolutely amazing, everyone enjoys watching hot young available bodies more than married drooping bods. They probably had some standards going in, but hopefully had open minds and were willing to be flexible if someone off the pattern came along.
    Also…don’t forget this is only the shortlist. They aren’t talking about the ten candidates who are NOT on the shortlist that they are handpicking.

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