OK…I’ll admit to springtime blahs. Weather so nice it is boring. Not much of anything going on and then my sister in Wyoming emailed me the following video. Extreme sheepherding.

She, of course, is a beef backer – husband Winn Brown runs cattle and was the “star” of my first online video, Wyoming Cattle Drive.

Now the sheepherding isn’t quite what it appears to be. Those common-looking folk are experts at what they do. In fact, Gerry Lewis is the Welsh champ at the sport…and he and others were recruited by The Viral Factory, who represent TV maker Samsung, to create this spoof of a spot.

In addition to sheep shananigans, there is also some some creative computer work. Viral Factory’s Matt Smith admits the Mona Lisa was computer-generated and thought the public would realize it, however in today’s Telegraph he says:

“We thought the Mona Lisa was the big wink to people – once they saw that we thought they would realise it was not all real.
But we have been quite surprised that there is still a debate about whether it is all real and people have been coming up with various theories.”

I’m not a fan at all of stupid youtube videos…but I do admire a good joke and the thought of sheep playing Pakman…well, that is good for a bellylaugh. Oh – and to keep this tied in with my focus in the blog – creative storytelling.

One factor for the news media to take note of: this short video got a million hits in about four days. Admittedly this is entertainment…but it is NOT Jackass or thousands of other dumbed down videos.

In the same vein, millions are closely watching what is happening at the contest being run by Tourism Australia for what is billed as “The Best Job in the World.” More than 30,000 entered and the world is voting for the best wildcard entry.

People care about videos like these because they are included…they can laugh, connect, take part in the fun (or seriousness).

I’ve seen way too many newspaper videos…and now even broadcast videos…that are pointless or merely there to fill time.

Show me something different. Make me care. Don’t just document and then complain that no one watches.

I want Ethos, Logos, Pathos. I want to care and I want to be included…much as I suspect your waning audience does.

End of lecture. Now go back and watch the show. Again.


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