A quick roundup of recent thoughts.

Has the Internet made us more of a world community than a nationalistic community? There is SO much out there and the wise surfer will learn as much about far-flung events as regional ones…all the while focusing on whatever toggles their switch (i.e., personal interests).

So maybe that’s why today we care more about the world and our hyper-local sites than regional news sites.

Ah well…

Tomorrow early (very early) I head for San Francisco to BAVC (Bay Area Video Coalition) for training in how to edit with Premiere. My first serious venture into PC-Land nonlinear editing.

Oh – the the photo above? Middle daughter will be flying back with crew-mates to her new home – the Makin Island, now ported in Mississippi. Sometime soon they’ll head out to sea and sail around the South American horn on a good-will tour. Final destination: home port of San Diego.

Well to keep her busy, we came up with an idea…Lego animation. Something tiny she can shoot with her still camera and edit in MY old Ti-Book (Powerbook G4). While her animations will be Navy and sailor-themed, I kind of caught the bug myself and will be trying some news animes.

Oh – and thank you Larry Nance for pointing out what a sloth I am. I like to buy tech stuff and made the mistake of letting Larry know I was buying a Beta deck and quite a while back a U-matic deck to dub down a buncha old tapes. Larry called me on it, asking if I’d done any dubbing. So now I have to get to work…dammit.

Enjoy the day while you can…


One thought on “Sunday…sunday….

  1. Had to comment. Yes, I grew up with strong support-your-local-newspaper tradition. But the internet has definitely made news groupies of all of us, and international news pops to the top of the list more also. I can easily skim headlines for 3-4 newspapers daily, and do, during morning email catchup. My job entails internet video and voip’d audio and im chat communications with clients all over the world, though primarily South Korea. Naturally that affects my reading filters, so I’m constantly googling international topics too.
    By the way, I’m a 60-year-old grandmother living in a state of less than half million population (and cattle count=1,310,000 — just googled it). The internet has impacted my lifespan at least as radically as airborne travel impacted my parents. And international internet is my virtual reality.
    Am I in a minority? Don’t think so.

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