Posting from Premiere workshop…

Whew…I spend way too much time in front of the class and not enough sitting and learning. This is a hoot – I’m finding out that Premiere and Final Cut and close relatives and learning new software is easy.

The brain-twisting part is the lead-in and instructor —– made me sweat but did a fantastic job explaining how interlaced/progressive, pixel ratios, frame rates v. shutter speed, lines v. pixels and oh so much more. I knew the pieces, but his take on how they all tie together really made sense.

Oh – and it’s nice to be back in The City again. Too many years in the outback of the Great Central Valley. I beat the sun into the Bay area and hopped on board BART for the (almost) final leg. Final leg was my own legs taking me about 12 blocks and up a flight of stairs.

Stay tuned and I’ll keep you up with anything new learned.

Ouch…this day is way too long. My biggest lesson seems to be that once you learn on system, you can segue to another pretty easily. Caputure…cut…paste…adjust audio…transitions (if needed).

On the way back from lunch I looked over and, by gosh, there was KQED!! My old staton moved to 18th and Mariposa about 20 years ago and this was my first sight of it.

Left a message and got a callback from former co-worker and reporter Spencer Micheals, who now works for the McNeil-Lehrer Report and got a quickie tour of the (to me) new facility.

After the layoffs in 1980 I never thought public television would be prosperous, but the place looks regal. Spencer says they very nearly went under in the 90s but recovered.

Sorry…not much left to talk about and a long(er) day tomorrow.

…signing off…

Addendum April 8: a quick look back at Premiere. The actual desktop similarities to Final Cut are location of the raw video and monitors. There are a couple of nifty shortcuts to insert or do overlays rather than dragging/dropping. Acquiring video is pretty much the same (import or drag/drop). Three finger control for forward/stop/backward and in/out is identical. There are some difference in creating motion paths (sorry, couldn’t stay for days two and three) which I will figure out on my own. And for around $700, a pretty good solution if you want a good solid program.


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  1. What’s up, is there anybody else here?
    If there are any real people here looking to network, leave me a post.
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


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