What we learn from youngsters…

Some time ago I wrote about using PowerPoint to edit videos.

This week I got a lesson in another use for PowerPoint – creating animations. I was wandering through the school library, looking for a computer so I could print some tests (problems with our school server, computers, and printers is another story) when I saw a young man looking at an animation. As a staff member I had to call him on it – school computers are not to be used to watch videos or listen to music – it slows the server down.

It was a surprise when he showed me he wasn’t on the Internet – but had created the animation using PowerPoint. He had hundreds of slides and had painstakingly drawn characters and had moved them/animated them frame by frame and then made it go fast enough to appear real.

Wish I’d gotten his name – he was a freshman and on his way with family, moving to the East coast.

But I experimented on my own and the above is the result – and trust me, it is nowhere near the level of my teacher.

Something new to spring on your students.

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