You know it’s been a long year when you come home after the final school day, sit down for a brief rest and wake up hours later with the sun going down. Whew.

Grades are in – the last referral written – campus is shutting down. For the weekend. On Monday hundreds return for summer school, trying to recapture those units lost due to attendance, lack of focus, hormones.

Not me. I have my own agenda this year.

First – foremost: finish writing the final two chapters of Basics of Videojournalism. That is slated or the first three weeks.

Second – with co-conspirator Larry Nance, shoot all of the illustrations and video needed for the book and DVD. Another two weeks.

Keep the blasted garden weeded – easy once the shade of the main plants kicks in.

Finally – do what summer is meant for. Rest and relax. If I’d been smart that would come first…but it would also last the entire summer. So goodbye NPPA Las Vegas confab. No no to extended trips with friends and family. Looks like there’s a one week window in July for a quick getaway with hubby and the youngest. Not that I’m complaining….with things the way they are, I’m glad to have a job, a home, and a stable life. And I’m wishing and hoping that more of you out there can grab some of the same.


3 thoughts on “Snoozing…

  1. Must be nice to be all done. We have two more weeks. Of course, I could use the time, plus, to get it all done. There are still a few projects the kids need to finish before we close up for summer, which here is only 8 weeks.

  2. We only get 8 weeks – school begins on July 27. My worst backup is the final, which is creating a DVD menu and label. Only a few kids listen when I say “backup” – and they finally understand it the last two days when everyone is trying to get on the computers. This term was a good one – only two students per computer. Generally there’s three to a team (sharing computer and camera).

  3. We don’t get much more time. We get nine weeks, but we have to be back during that last week for certain planning.

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