Asilomar means…

…refuge by the sea. My soon to be former home for the past few days.


Buddy Kathy Newell and I escaped from our lives to come down here and do – nothing.

Nothing for us is to wander in the wind, listening to waves. Of course, taking the occasional photo when the mood struck. Or rolling off a bit of video.

Nothing is good for the soul when you’ve spent your life chasing the elusive moment. We watched a firetruck pursued by two cop cars and an ambulance, looked at each other -almost thought about it – and continued on our way. We knew what was at the end of that road and we’d been there too often to want to revisit it.

Nothing was almost walking over a raccoon intent on entering a building. Being startled by deer that think they own the place. Nearly stepping on a jellyfish to ten on the beach. Wondering what to do and realizing we didn’t have to.

There’s an eclectic group here this week. A bunch of hot water engineers. Some researchers from Gallo. Flute, alto, and bass players from all over the country here for a master musicians class (I eavesdropped on them outside their practice room). Families, couples, friends.

No phones in rooms, no TV at all. Thank goodness that my one vice is indulged – there is internet in the social hall.

Breakfast calls.


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