Digital Video Camp 2009…

Added June 25:
Sorry for the delay guys. Here is the short list of possible nonlinear computer editing programs. For more details, check out Andy Dickinson’sblog. He has a great overview of the programs. Little heads up – he’s British so the occasional word or phrase might throw you.

And a couple of hints – don’t make your folks take out a second mortgage for technology. Start low and slow and work your way up. I list the low-enders first Second: many of these companies offer educational discounts – as much as 50% and more. So what could be a thousand dollar purchase could suddenly become affordable.

ADOBE – Premiere Elements, Premiere
AVID – PC/Mac/AVID Express is a low end version of what is considered the movie industry standard
APPLE – iMovie (low end), Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro
CORAL – Ulead Video Studio, Media Studio Pro
MICROSOFT – MovieMaker/free with Windows OS
PINNACLE – Pinnacle Studio/low ender program/pretty basic
SONY – Vegas Movie Studio + DVD

Now I can’t really give you good insight about which to purchase…Andy gets into it better in his postings. From experience I know iMovie, MovieMaker work well at the low end. Final Cut Express and Premiere have similar desktops and work along the same lines…Andy says the Pinnacle does too. Good luck…I’ll post again when I’m ready to mail the DVDs. Oh – I have an extra tape (FujiFilm) that I think belongs to either Tom or Matt. And Tom and Emilio, you both forgot your workbooks…they’ll be in the mail too.

June 24, 2009

This for the great group who just completed three days of Digital Video Camp at Delta College: you guys rock! My head hurts from pushing you – and you managed to take everything you were given and did it! WOW.

Stay tuned to this spot – right now I’m capturing all of the video from the movie plus your edited material to my home computer. Then I’ll head back to campus to clean all of your animations and basic shots off the computers there…bring them home and get everything shipshape so you can get an encoded DVD with all of your animations, basic shots, and the movie. Plus a second disk with the raw video in two file formats so you can put it into iMovie or MovieMaker and play with it yourself. The second disk will also have the script and some additional resources. Oh – and Loren yours will have your music – no I didn’t forget.

Later tonight I’ll post more. Had a blast – hope you enjoyed yourselves too.


5 thoughts on “Digital Video Camp 2009…

  1. Hi Cyndy

    Sounds like the digital video camp was a blast. Sounds great fun.

    I’m not sure how to take the “he’s british part” 🙂 but I’m glad the post was helpful

    All the best


    • Let’s see…we call it a standup, you call it “a piece to the camera.” When I first say that it threw me totally. If my students see you pricing programs in pounds they’ll either figure it’s currency or wonder why weight is so important when buying software. And how would you translate a drive-by or on the bird?

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