No more neutral news…

Click on over to Viewfinder Blues and take a gander at his latest musing.

Yeah – the new iPhone and its ilk. Lens has a valid point – ain’t never gonna be the same. A device that lets you make TV AND watch it.

Now I just picked up my daily does of local by walking across the wildflower and weed infested area I call a front lawn. This news is already twelve hours old.

Somewhere on this plant something newsworthy is happening and most likely it will be on the Internet before I head out in twenty minutes. Think on it. We no longer want to wait for the complete story – we want to see it as it unfolds. From a million viewpoints. The old order of neutral news crew gathering information may be gone, giving way to the masses of humanity shooting what is there and posting it (first responders) and then grabbing what they see and commenting (second responders and more akin to what we do now).

I guess what I really like about the old order is the simplicity. Once that ole daily rag goes under it’s gonna take a HECK of a lot of time to hunt down and devour my daily dose.


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