It’s not just a Christian thing…

A large part of my philosophy of life is to give back once you have taken. Along your road of life many people will help you. Some of you will receive more help than others, while those others may not receive much at all. But the amount isn’t what matters. What matters is passing on – giving back – giving to people you may never meet or perhaps even realize you’ve helped.

Lately at my husband’s church (we have very different, yet in some ways very entwined religious spiritual philosophies) there has been a handout in the program for something called “S-O-S.” Short for “Seek or Serve.”

There are two simple parts to the website. Are you seeking help or can you serve by giving help. And the help ranges from material things to services to visits to simple prayers.

On the printed version before me people are offering drum lessons (something they can do that no one else can), mattresses, a freezer, prayer, clothing, errands run, transportation, dog sitting, and much more.

The “want” list is surprisingly short. One urgent request for toddler bed sheets, visitation for a mother and child, help with outdoor work, transportation, bible on tape or cd, furniture.

Kind of gratifying to see that more is offered that wanted…and somehow the two come together, take a gander at each other, agree on a trade and walk away with both sides feeling as if they’ve won.

Truth be told – both sides ARE winners. The side giving wins because they have a memory they can look back at, knowing they’ve done the right thing. The side receiving wins because their life is made easier by the gift they’ve received AND they will return the gift by passing along gifts of their own to others.

Simple choices. Both right.

Oh yeah…the VJ tie-in? Journalism (to me) is more than a job. A true journalist serves their community by covering meaningful events and explaining issues so that the public/audience has a better understanding of the community. Journalists are both givers and takers. They take from individuals, organizations, everyone…and give back to everyone. If you’re in it for fame, for money…you need to rethink YOUR philosophy.

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