Thank you Amanda Emily…

…for stating the obvious. The Internet abounds in contests and other such opportunities to make a name for yourself. And that is about all you get for entering…a few moments of fleeting fame, a handshake, and whatever you created belongs to someone else.

Take a read of this posting the articulate Amanda wrote. And her target is none less than Microsoft.

Let me think here…aren’t they one of the biggest, richest……


100 best sites for J-students…

Got some incoming hits from a new site this morning and when I checked my email, it was revealed. A site called Learn-gasm, part of (link removed temporarily at request of site due to redesign), made up a list of what are supposed to be the 100 best sites for journalism students to keep up with trends and learn. Somehow I made (the very end) of the list. Wow.

If you’re interested take a gander here. There are some old friends and some interesting sites I plan to look into.

Gonna be offline for a few days. Buddy Newell and I head for the hills early tomorrow to catch some fresh air, fresh views, and some yummy (over the campfire) home-made cooking!

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