Home again…

It was tempting…at around 12:30 today Newell and I were on a meandering road leading east out of Woodfords towards the Nevada desert. That damn road was sooooo tempting. We followed, got out and shot, cruised…Newell hopped out to shoot some wildflowers on a curvy section while I drove ahead, looking for a safe place to turn around. Scared a scattering of baby jackrabbits, and went back to pick her up.

And that’s when she uttered those deadly words….”Time to head home.”

Not that she wanted to, mind you. That road pulled her too. But we are adults and running away on the open road is not something you do when you have family and other obligations. Chowing down for lunch at the KirckwoodKirkwood Inn, we came to the conclusion that having spent out lives on the road searching for stories, an open road is a siren call to us. Oh so hard to resist.

So for your consideration…a few shots of our mini-getaway.


4 thoughts on “Home again…

  1. Ms. Cyndy, I did not hear you telling me you were going to leave me in the middle of the NO-WHERE– taking pics of the pretty yellow flowers, when you drove off… Yep, it all worked out, but you gotta know, I was wondering how in the heck would I explain mysef to the locals if they got upset that I was there…. ummm, didn’t get the shot I wanted… gonna go back and give it another try.

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