Focus Enhancement MX-4 Digital Video Mixer

July 20 Update
I must say the tech support at Focus is excellent. Here’s the latest they sent me/couldn’t take care of this earlier because I was out of town.

Try pushing the tick bar all the way up or all the way down and see if you have a blinking LED light on your unit, if not or you still don’t see a preview screen the unit will need to be sent in for repair. If not under the 2 year warranty, there is a $495.00 flat rate for repair.
If you wish to send your unit in, please first fill out an RMA form and send the unit in with the RMA number we will issue you. The RMA form can be found here:

So I’m off to the control room to see if this works – we’ve had the unit for more than five years.

Another update July 9 at 9:46pm
Well, tried to do the factory default reset as shown below. Didn’t work. Still can’t bring up the preview screen. I’ve emailed Focus again to see what they suggest next.

Update at 8:30pm
Got the following advice from Focus Support:

You might want to try a factory reset which will set the unit back to factory defaults, you may have something routed wrong.
The factory reset is done by holding down the Shift and Setup keys while powering the unit on.

Original post:
Does anyone out there have one of these or have you worked with one?

We’ve got one in the studio at my school and I’m having a HARD time getting some of the features to work.

I’ll go web-cruising (again), but would appreciate a say-hi from some of you hidden experts out there…

3 thoughts on “Focus Enhancement MX-4 Digital Video Mixer

  1. I’m not an expert, but I have this mixer, and have used several at my high school over the past several years. The main problem I have had is that we sometimes lose a video signal and the mixer freezes up.

  2. I just have bought a new one of these machines and I am having a time trying to get it to work. All I have are black screens after having it reset. Where is the company’s tech department. This machine cost me a lot of money.

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