Attention Mrs. Green students!!!

From now on, go to the VJ classroom blog for announcements – I want to separate out my classroom assignment blog from this (more or less) professional blog. Depending on whether you are looking for class assignments or the latest real world assignments, you’ll find it at the VJ classroom.

As of today, July 14, Vice-Principal Solari called me to see if we can produce two videos for freshmen informational sessions. Go to the Real World Assignments for details.

Oh – and keep reading here if you want. But don’t expect anything related to school to appear here.

2 thoughts on “Attention Mrs. Green students!!!

  1. I just read that school video assignment–2 45-minute videos to be done by the end of July? Yikes. Your kids must be really good.

  2. Well, they (the admin) will get what they get. Basically a natsound and music video with interviews placed into it. What I do is assign each a couple of sports to gather visuals and pick up an interview or two and then we slam it together in segments, then put the final video together once segments are done.
    Had we been given this information a month ago when I was first given a heads up something was in the works, it would be mucho better.

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