Good reference for megapixel/print size…

Found this site – Design215 – while trying to decide what kind of camera to get (I’m looking at the Olympus Evolt 300 mainly cause I’ve borrowed Newell’s and loved using it). The 300 is an 8 megapixel…which means according to the graph on this site, max size to achieve photo quality would be roughly eight by ten.

Megapixels and Print Size

I’m sure I could go a bit bigger without worries. My (very) old Konica is a film camera and I’ve been using my Canon HV20 for stills…but it lacks the quality I want. So, now to decide what I really need vs. what I think I want.

Added August 2 – there’s more at Design215 than the chart – has a wealth of information for folks interested in digital and design.


4 thoughts on “Good reference for megapixel/print size…

  1. You can go much larger than 8×10 with the Evolt 300’s sensor size.

    I own a 6.1 MP Nikon d40 and have printed 16×20 cropped prints just fine with no loss of quality from a normal viewing distance and they passed the “Tom Test” (Tom was a retired combat photojournalist I used to work with at an old shop who was legendary for ripping people’s shots apart and critiquing them rather harshly)

    Just send your files to a good lab who handles their machines well. I have one I’m fond of, but it would be inappropriate to plug them in a public forum.

  2. I think this was for optimal prints equal to ISO (and I still say ASA) 100 viewed from a certain distance. I read all the comments and replies from the author and he did acknowledge that there are many many variables. Good labs were one of the variables.

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