One take for H20…

Forgive me Amanda Emily for I am about to sin. I totally admire and agree with your posting about what a ripoff online contests are.

But sometimes after you read the tiny type and know what you’re setting yourself up for, you feel the goal is NOT money or fame, but something more elusive. Like – world peace?

Well, not quite

The Knight Center for International Media has this online video contest thingie going. Normally I’d stop with the words online video contest. But the Knight Center does have some heft. And the topic – water. Safe free water for everyone.

What’s to do?
Do a one-take no more than two minute monologue.
You must subtitle your monologue in one language.
Special prize if you subtitle it in the most language – and don’t worry, they have the program to help you.
Yes, there’s money if that’s what drives your buggy. But if thou ist pure of heart and can draw the sword from the stone….oh wait. Wrong century.

If you have the time and want to do some good and probably have some hooting fun with the out-takes, give it a shot. I’ll be watching.


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