Geeks in the woods/part two…

A stiff wind is blasting off Caples Lake…I’m out in it, as close as I can get to Internet access. Our cabin, while perfect in every other way, is right on the border of access. Amanda Emily can get online fine…Newell and I, with our Macs, are SOL.

Seems like I was designated cook on this trip…must be cause I brought the food. Steaks, lamb chops, baked potatoes and salad last night. Fried potatoes and onions, scrambled eggs, pork sausage, and pancakes for breakfast. Newell’s doing our lunch for the hike in about an hour.

Above are some sunrise photos on the lake. Anticipating light was fun, if chilly. The first rays hit a passing jet far overhead. Next the mountain across the lake…then the high treeline…and finally a blink of light and BOOM! a very fast sunrise.

The lake went from nearly black to rich blue in a matter of ten or fifteen minutes.

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