Singing the Praises of my switcher…

Not exactly what you’d expect considering it went down for two weeks in what I assumed was a death spiral.

Turned it on Tuesday to demonstrate that it wasn’t working – and it made a liar of me.

Not only did the lights flash and everything work…but the Preview screen, which NEVER worked, is functional.

And with that feature working, I love my little switcher. I can see all of the effects, program it…life is good.


5 thoughts on “Singing the Praises of my switcher…

  1. Its working only because you threatened it. Its an old engineering trick.

    Reminds me of many conversations I’ve had in the past with people insisting the machine was really broke[n] and they were not just going crazy.

    • I wouldn’t advise carrying out threats against any sort of broadcast equipment – they fight back. The scar I have on my hand from repairing (and uttering colorful metaphors at) an Avid Meridien is plenty proof of that…

  2. Glad the switcher came back to life. Hope the rest of the school year goes well.

    How a bout a photo of the piece of electronics with mind of its own?

    • Will grab a shot and post tonight…in fact let me do a new post and show you the entire setup. I am adding components every few weeks so the kiddos aren’t overwhelmed.
      Begain w/two cameras…plan to add the DVD deck next with the show open and perhaps the Pledge of Allegiance or Patriotic Moment.
      Will also check my files and if all involved have given me a permission form, can actually post a show.
      By next term I hope to be up to two cameras, DVD playback, perhaps tape playback, two anchors and (maybe) a sports or weather anchor.
      Nothing like a little stress to push kids to the edge – and they love it.

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