The paywall is up…

Just read a posting on teachj – take a look @ #9…and then my local paper arrives with the above page 3 slug.

It had to happen…someone had to give this a shot locally and every paper in the region is going to watch closely.

Unfortunately this reminds me of a research paper I did way back when…1970-ish while a student at Delta College. Back in the 50’s I think it was, the Record tried to ram a subscription requirement down the throats of its readers. And lost.

At that time you could take the Record seven days a week or just get it on Sundays. Many folks on a budget of either money or time chose Sunday only…and went ballistic when some idea guy came up with the idea that if you wanted the Sunday Record, you’d have to subscribe for the whole package.

To say subscriptions dived would be an understatement…and the newspaper backed down and allowed the public to get what it wanted.

I’m not objecting to the paywall…completely. The “All-Access” introductory rate is $2.67 a week (and how did they come up with that number???). “Introductory” smells of a pending price raise at some point.

What rankles me is the fact I’ve been a subscriber for more than 25 years and my parents before me for much longer. And they’re charging print subscribers to read what they already get – yeah, only seventy-seven cents weekly. But why? Why not give it away to those who have been supporting you for years?

Oh well. Stay tuned. Target date is January 12.

Somehow in the deeper recesses of my heart I think the Record may be the trial balloon of owner DowJones. Trouble with balloons is they eventually come down. Or explode.


One thought on “The paywall is up…

  1. Thanks for the mention. But I really do read too many news feeds to pay for them all. $2.67 x the 20 or 30 I read weekly is just ridiculous. I just will keep using those smart enough to stay free, even if that means just the BBC.

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