On being…a reporter…

Cohort Kathy Newell and I spent New Year Day morning covering a local version of the polar bear club story – the Frozen Bun Run in Bethel Island out on the Delta.

She was the photog and I took a try at being a reporter – something new for me. While I’ve lugged cameras around and done the job of two (as photog AND reporter)…I’ve never worked alongside the camera as a reporter.

Of course I couldn’t leave it alone…had to have my HV20 w/fisheye attached so I wouldn’t feel like a total freeloader. And that’s what I was. Newell hauled ass, shot, kept on top of it all. I did too, but from my perspective, being a reporter is a job for…well, not the highly energized.

While she shot from the levee and in the crowds, I managed to find the event organizer. Then she shot crowd scenes while I got the names of the first three skiers. I held the mike…asked questions…she got the shots. She anticipated…knew my every move.

Face it – she could have done it all without me. I was a mike holder. I got in her shots. She re-worked my script into something viewable. She handed out cards like they were confetti while I held on to all but one of mine.

The truth is revealed. A good photog does not need a reporter on many stories. Something I would say a certain East Coaster already knows. I just hope in my day I shone as brightly as she did these past few days.

Here’s the final version…enjoy. I know I did.


2 thoughts on “On being…a reporter…

  1. Kathleen Newell

    Well, as reporters go, you are the best. You fed me (steak and eggs for 7am breakfast), made sure I had lots of coffee, let me ride shotgun, didn’t push me off the dock and into the river after I gave you the, “get the hell out of my shot” look several times, and best of all, we still like each other after it all. I will be the reporter next time and you can crack the whip. : )

  2. Damn right I like you…let’s see if role reversal keeps that going. I don’t know that I want to try human mike holder again for a while. Like my camera and editing and independence more.

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