Type or die…

I won! – or at least can prove I can write drivel faster than the next person with a keyboard. Thanks to teachj for this fun link to a race against time. Set your goal (mine was two hundred words) and type away and try to beat the clock. Didn’t happen to me, but apparently the program will eat your words if you aren’t fast enough.


2 thoughts on “Type or die…

  1. Thanks for the mention. I’ve actually been getting a lot of mentions and comments lately. It’s nice to know people read our blogs. I don’t know if I can beat 200.

  2. Blame it on being part of the transition from the sexist sixties to the so-called “modern woman.” I got my BA and the only job I could find out of college was as a production assistant – basically a glorified clerk-typist. At one time I could to an error free 90 wpm. (Once I began denying knowing how to type and focusing on my true love of photography, I got out of that stink-hole of a job.)

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