Students pushed to the edge…

UPDATE: 1/16/10 @ 12:47pdt
Check out this link from Imarsat. They’re involved in a big way with first responders, but apparently are also taking the time (see below) to try to help a small group of students in Jacmel, south of the capitol.

UPDATE: Inmarsat, the company that provides the Internet service to the Bgan Inmarsat is working with their distributors to try to get a unit to the Cine’ filmmaking students. In the meantime they suggest that any news crews in the area try to hook up with the students and allow them to use the news organization units.

Original posting:
Larry Nance sent me an email with the following links to a group of Haitian film students who are performing an agonizing and amazing service to their community in the midst of disaster.

First the backstory from Sphere News. Twenty-seven students ranging in age from 16 to 28 returned to their devastated school after the earthquake this week to salvage cameras and editing stations, which they set up in a surviving radio station. They spend the following days not only living through, but documenting the struggle for survival in their town of Jacmel.

Look at their stories on the school’s website. Hold your criticism. These are students, remember. And students who have lost their homes, family members. Yet they have produced work under circumstances that would make pros sweat.

Yes, Haiti has been hit hard. But Haiti is more than Port-au-Prince, as the students point out. Their fear is the aid so desperately needed may not get to their town in time, so they work on with minimal resources to get their story out.

I’ll be keeping an eye on these students in the days to come. They do have a request – for a faster internet connection. If anyone has one of these or wants to join in a drive to get one for these students, give me a shout at


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